CED Board Members

Canadian County – Tomas Manske – [email protected]
Cleveland County – Darry Stacy – [email protected]
Garvin County – Gary Ayers – [email protected]
McClain County – Wilson Lyles – [email protected]
Oklahoma County – Carrie Blumert – [email protected]
Payne County – Zachary Cavett – [email protected]

This is CED #5

Circuit Engineering Districts (CEDs) have been developed under Title 69 § 687.1, which allows Counties to come together as a cooperative and provide efficiencies that are not available to an individual county. The Districts act as a political subdivision to serve on the CED board. Each County designates one County Commissioner to serve on the CED board. The Districts mirror the same boundaries as the ACCO districts. Objectives are below:

  • Provide efficiency through pooling resources.
  • Provide research.
  • Provide assistance with such functions as road maintenance, construction, inspection, and equipment.
  • Conduct public discussion groups, panels, and lectures.
  • Provide courses of education and instruction.
  • Obtain and develop types of information relative to the operation of the transportation system.
  • Provide short and long range planning within the district and with other districts.
  • Provide services to Counties that will improve the quality of the transportation system and be cost effective.

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